You know that image you have of a writer tucked away in the corner of a dark room tapping at a typewriter? The odd, eccentric loner with wild, wiry nose hairs. Or the frumpy lady with the cat and open fire who only cares about writing a novel. Well that stereotype isn’t very accurate, says our lead writer Rob...

Writers are a fascinating and mixed bunch. And although those folk described above exist somewhere in this wonderful world, most we work with are outgoing, gregarious, warm people who can do so much more than line up words in sentences.

At The Table, we get to work with quite a few business writers. They’re smart, inquisitive, creative, absorbent and can do things few people expect of them. We’d just like to celebrate a few of those things.

1. Writers often crack the idea

‘We’ll get the creatives on this.’ In storm the creative directors, designers, film guys, animators, strategists. Over the back sits the writer, too shy to speak up, but smart enough to have already had a great idea.

Everybody tends to think up ideas in words at some point. Writers are the lucky ones who are able to put those words to paper in compelling ways.

2. Writers challenge strategists to help tighten their thinking

Strategists see a future most of us can’t see, and, even more impressively, know how to direct people there. But not all of them can put that into writing. Top business writers think strategically about the words they write for brands. This sort of thinking means they can also help strategists to translate their methodical approach into crystal clear writing.

3. Writers turn positioning into a tone of voice

Purpose, mission, vision, values. In the agency world, usually the realm of creative directors and strategists. Sometimes even the responsibility of account managers and designers. Rarely, sadly, a writer’s domain.

Even scarier, it’s often these strategic and visual minds – all brilliant and capable in their own right – who turn that positioning into a tone of voice.

Writers can do that, too. And, if they understand brand, they can do it brilliantly.

4. Writers can give designers creative direction

We’ve always believed that writers and designers in branding should be equal partners, like they are in advertising. Because, from experience, when that happens, special sparks can fly – and ideas blossom.

Once they get to know each other and trust each other, writers can direct designers as much as the other way round.

5. Writers teach and train

Because top business writers understand the science of language and persuasion, they have the skills to pass on information in an interesting way. They know where to find and how to catch the fish, but they also understand when to hand over the fishing rod.

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