Whenever we develop a tone of voice, we run a workshop or twenty to help our client bring that voice to life through their writing. Our founder, Rob, explains why training is so valuable to The Table's clients, and what we've learnt so far...

As The Table embarks on another training session with a client we’ve developed a new tone of voice for, it’s time to reflect on why training has become such a big part of our business.

1. Writing alone doesn’t pass on knowledge

Developing a client’s new approach to language takes weeks, often months, of reading and research, interviewing, collaboration, strategic thinking and more. The result is usually guiding principles and a new tone of voice.

By using that tone of voice to rewrite a client’s website, say, a writer can test that new style and earn a few quid in the process. But by training that client and helping them to understand the how and, more importantly, the why of the new voice, a trainer can pass on invaluable, longer-term skills.

2. Clients like to ask questions

So what is tone of voice? Why is it important? How does it relate to ‘verbal identity’? Am I allowed to start a sentence with ‘and’? What actually is an active voice? How does storytelling in business work?

Workshops give clients the boldness to ask questions. For one day, they become enthusiastic sponges. Sometimes even language geeks.

3. Teaching others teaches us

It was founder of our agency partner, D’Mastermind, who told us he learnt more from training a young creative than from reading a book. Standing up in front of a room of keen people makes you vulnerable. That vulnerability makes you think deeper, question more and work harder to satisfy a hungry client, said Dan.

4. Workshops are fun and rewarding

Deep down, we just love running workshops. There’s a thrill in each one. As much as you plan, there’s always an unknown. And that’s exciting.

5. It’s another excuse to collaborate

We ran a series of 20 workshops with Gumtree in 2016. We collaborated with Ed Yeoman, an excellent writer and trainer. He helped us to plan and run the workshops, at Gumtree HQ in London and at another office in Malta.

Yep, that’s it. Those are the main reasons The Table was destined to create and run workshops for our clients. To inspire, to teach, to learn, to have fun and to partner with talented people.

For any writer who hasn’t tried it yet, give it a go. It’ll stretch you in great ways.

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