Rob Self-Pierson

Founder, consultant & writer

Rob sits at the head of The Table. He works closely with our clients to focus their thinking, discover their purpose, develop their tone of voice and tell their stories. When he’s not writing for business, he’s thinking up his next travel book. Or drinking peppermint tea.

Jane Birbeck

Lead writer

Jane brings to The Table a rich background of crafting copy to help clients engage those who matter to them most. Alongside writing for The Table, she studies illustration - uniting her love of stories and pictures. On days off, she can be found drawing and foraging along the Cornish coast.

Jane Poynton


Jane joins The Table to produce tight and engaging copy for our clients. Thought leadership pieces, marketing copy, website content; she asks the ‘so what?’ questions to get to the heart of your business. Jane has lived (and written) all over the country and is dog crazy.

Tony Laverty

Insight specialist

Tony gets our clients’ customers and partners around The Table - then listens to and observes them. By understanding them and their situations, he allows our writing to better reflect their lives and needs. He can usually be found at an airport, most likely eavesdropping or people-watching.

Jamie Delves

Junior writer

Jamie recently pulled up a stool and got his feet under The Table. Fresh from university, he brings extra energy and brilliant new thinking to the team. He's an ideas man – the big, small, sharp, round, square… When not writing at The Table, you can find him nodding to hip hop or scribbling his own bars.

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