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Last year, we got a call from Grain. They build amazing scale models and digital experiences that help architects and developers see their ideas. They’d just re-launched with a new name, new look and (with some help from us) a new tone of voice. Now they needed a website that told everyone what they were all about.

First up: sharing their most successful projects. But they’re an innovative bunch, so they wanted to steer clear of dry case studies that most people would scroll straight past.

We knew exactly what they needed. Stories.

We love stories – telling them, dissecting and discussing them, teaching people how to turn theirs into must-reads. Proper stories are driven off the starting blocks by a big challenge or conflict, race forward thanks to plenty of action, and leave exciting transformations in their wake. And that’s exactly how we told Grain’s.

We interviewed their team and got the lowdown on the projects. The trickiest moments, crucial turning points and biggest transformations they made to their customers’ worlds. Then we wrote stories that would keep their readers hooked.

We used the same approach with the rest of their website, sharing stories about their unique culture, the creative hustle of their studio, and the ways they collaborate with their clients.

Now they’ve got a website full of stories no-one will be able to resist reading.

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