Introducing Verb...

This March, our founder Rob launched a new venture with communications consultant and all-round brilliant business and brand brain Tim Rich. Something to spice up the world of design.

Verb is a simple idea, really. Tim and Rob invite a group of designers, freelance and from agencies, to play with language for a day. From tone of voice to story, editing skills to rhetoric, a Verb workshop brings designers into the world of writing.

A Verb workshop is very active and fast-paced; creatively stretching; friendly and supportive; packed full of practical techniques and tips from experts.

So far, Tim and Rob have run two workshops – one against the odds during London’s Beast from the East snow storm at the beginning of March, and the other in Sydney, Australia.

Here’s just a little of what the first “verbers” have been saying:

"So great to now have a clear approach and structure for writing – very helpful."
Nerida Murphy, Purple Goat

"Thanks again for running such a great workshop out of our studio here on Tuesday. I found it extremely helpful and practical.
Ben Fletcher, Designate

"Thanks for the workshop – I thoroughly enjoyed it, very insightful."
Anthony Skujins, Deloitte

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